About the Salon KillFile

The Salon KillFile (SKF) has many features, including the following:

  1. AUTO-ban spammers based on the message content.
  2. Ban trolls that you find annoying with the click of a button.
  3. Highlight your favourite authors with the click of a button.
  4. Highlights Salon staff letters.

Once you have SKF installed:

Spammers are auto-blocked (roughly) like this:

Instead of 10 posts by one troll on one letters page, you should see something like this (note: page from Salon's mobile site shown):

More screenshots can be viewed...

See the 1 or 2 steps needed to Install the Salon Kill File.

Disclaimer: This script is not intended for use to create an echo chamber at Salon, but you're free to use it however you wish.

The SKF is written in JavaScript, the same language embedded in web pages. There's an add-on for most browsers that allow the user (you) to attach JavaScript to your side of the web page. The add-on is called GreaseMonkey.




Features in the SalonKillFile include:

  1. AUTO-ban spammers based on message content
  2. Ban trolls that you find annoying with the click of a button
  3. Highlight your favourite authors with the click of a button
  4. Highlights Salon staff letters
  5. Automatically downloads updated banned-content (spammers) list from salon.maow.net.
  6. Style sheet (appearance) changes:
    • Textarea box when Flagging inappropriate messages: no longer overflows to 3rd column
    • Blockquotes are more prominent
    • Permalink is now exposed on the mobile site
    • Rounded all edges of the Read Article & Post a Letter about this Article buttons
    • Made the grey line under messages more consistent
    • Animated buttons
  7. The current version is in Beta testing, so it will expire. Users will be asked if they'd like to upgrade. If accepting, page re-directs to SVN repository, automatically updating the script.
    The current letters page remains unchanged and the expired script has one last run. Next page is processed by new script.

Screenshots Album

Some screenshots of SalonKillFile in action.


Installing SalonKillFile

    • Firefox requires that you first
      install GreaseMonkey from Mozilla's Add-ons, if you haven't already.

    • Google Chrome and Chromium browsers work; they have GreaseMonkey support built in.

    • Opera works; it has GreaseMonkey support built in.

    • Safari maybe works, but it has been reported that Safari 4.1.3 doesn't work.

      There are special instructions required for GreaseMonkey on Safari.

      iPhones & iPads: Apple policy bans GreaseMonkey (& Flash) from iPhones, iPads, etc.

    • Internet Explorer: don't think it will work there, sorry. You can try - be sure to let me know

  1. Having already installed GreaseMonkey, you simply need to

    click here to install SalonKillFile

  2. Enjoy the new & improved Salon.com letters section!


The Salon Kill File was originally created by Salon user "Frankly, My Dear".

I stumbled upon it, modified to work with mobile.salon.com, added Favourites and added auto spam detection.

Tero (tech.nimbus.fi) then added a bit of clean up and supplied that back.

I merged in the changes, posted them into the download repository, and he promptly supplied me with a brand new, unrecognizable, 100 times (not percent) better tool - with buttons!

Once I wrapped my head around it all, I added CSS, a new button, auto-ban based on content, auto-downloading of banned-content, etc.

UPDATED 2010/11/31

Added Opera support. Simply required overloading GM_log = opera.postError, and borrowed a GM_addStyle() from a script at HowToCreate.co.uk, which may or may not have, in turn, come from ReifySoft.com. Copyright details in script source code...