Features in the SalonKillFile include:

  1. AUTO-ban spammers based on message content
  2. Ban trolls that you find annoying with the click of a button
  3. Highlight your favourite authors with the click of a button
  4. Highlights Salon staff letters
  5. Automatically downloads updated banned-content (spammers) list from salon.maow.net.
  6. Style sheet (appearance) changes:
    • Textarea box when Flagging inappropriate messages: no longer overflows to 3rd column
    • Blockquotes are more prominent
    • Permalink is now exposed on the mobile site
    • Rounded all edges of the Read Article & Post a Letter about this Article buttons
    • Made the grey line under messages more consistent
    • Animated buttons
  7. The current version is in Beta testing, so it will expire. Users will be asked if they'd like to upgrade. If accepting, page re-directs to SVN repository, automatically updating the script.
    The current letters page remains unchanged and the expired script has one last run. Next page is processed by new script.