About the Salon KillFile

The Salon KillFile (SKF) has many features, including the following:

  1. AUTO-ban spammers based on the message content.
  2. Ban trolls that you find annoying with the click of a button.
  3. Highlight your favourite authors with the click of a button.
  4. Highlights Salon staff letters.

Once you have SKF installed:

Spammers are auto-blocked (roughly) like this:

Instead of 10 posts by one troll on one letters page, you should see something like this (note: page from Salon's mobile site shown):

More screenshots can be viewed...

See the 1 or 2 steps needed to Install the Salon Kill File.

Disclaimer: This script is not intended for use to create an echo chamber at Salon, but you're free to use it however you wish.

The SKF is written in JavaScript, the same language embedded in web pages. There's an add-on for most browsers that allow the user (you) to attach JavaScript to your side of the web page. The add-on is called GreaseMonkey.